Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A little inspiration is all I need

I have not ventured out to truck in a few days. Too busy to mess with anything else right now, I guess.

Anyways, I read in our local paper that the city is stepping up efforts to tow abandoned cars from neighborhoods. In the past they have concentrated on cars sitting on the roadway that were obviously not drivable. Our neighbor had an Isuzu towed, after it sat on the street for at least 2 years.

Anyways, now they are towing cars right out of driveways. And all it takes is a neighbor complaint. The police department tags the vehicle and tows it 3 weeks later if it is inoperable, my truck isn't, if it has expired inspection tags, the truck's expired in 1992, or if the license plates are expired, the ones on the truck expired in 1969 AND they were never registered to this truck!

So I am thinking that I might need to get to work on my ride. Or maybe I'll just hide it in the garage or the backyard.

Add all that to that the fact that I don't really think the city ought to be able to tow something out of my driveway, and this might get real interesting if one of my neighbors complains about the truck.


Darth Daddy said...

You might want to look into registering the truck (with the dvm) as an antiwue or vintage vehicle. Here, you get special plates(no yearly tags on them..just a one time plate purchase), and don't need a city sticker or yearly inspection sticker (all 3 of which -if expired or not present--are dead giveaways to cops that it needs towing)

I registered both my 69 and my 77 this way.


Andrew said...

After my city meeting concerning my truck, I was told that if the vehicle qualifies as an antique and there is visible improvement on the vehicle, the vehicle could stay. I assume that it would need to be registered as an antique, but that was not mentioned. The only problem with an Arkansas Antique plate is that there is a law in the works that requires the owner to have another vehicle as a daily driver.