Saturday, May 17, 2008

Marge is Back!

I spent all day under the truck. Started off by finishing up the install of the replacement steering column and the brand new rag joint/steering coupler I bought last week.

Then, when I realized that the shifting was all bunged up on the new column, I decided to rebuild my old one, with the steering shaft from the new one.

After 7 hours in the garage, Marge and I took a cruise for the first time since November 9.

By my count 209 days have lapsed since we hit mile 46011. Now the odometer is sitting at a staggering 46013.

I didn't really start off the day thinking I would make enough progress to take a drive, but good things come to those who cuss like sailors wait in the garage.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A pretty well spent $8

I ordered some vinyl die-cut letters for the tailgate, since I highly doubt I'll ever get around to the bodywork and painting that re-finishing the tailgate would require. For$8 I think they look mighty fine. Bonus that they went on easy

Saturday, May 10, 2008

She can't hide money!

The Boss Lady just ordered a few parts for the truck. Someday I might even tell the woman what she actually bought.

I have been looking for a steering coupler for the truck for a while. I found one at GMCPaul's in Indiana for about $50. And since shipping costs were figured on purchase price I picked up a few odds and ends. The tailgate is getting a new set of CHEVROLET letters and the brake and clutch pedals will finally be getting a set of replacement covers. I bet these were never replaced once the original ones wore out.

Hopefully, once the steering coupler/rag joint is installed, I will be getting the truck back on the road for our neighborhood July 4th parade.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

We are still up and running

The 68 Chevy has recently taken a backseat to other more pressing $ matters. And time. There just isn't as much of it to go around as there used to be, right?

Anyways, I rolled the truck halfway out of the garage this morning, to let the engine run for a while. The engine hasn't been up to operating temperature since back in November, so I cranked her up and listened to that 307 tick along pretty nicely (for a 40 year old engine.)

I shot a quick video of the engine running, to prove that Marge is indeed still alive and running. Even without a good portion of the steering system in place.