Monday, February 28, 2005

The First Parts Catalog

Arrived today. It is the first to arrive, of several I ordered off of websites during the last couple of weeks. I am now in possession of 1967-1972 Chevy & GMC Truck Parts catalog from Chevy Duty.

Since I already have woodworking catalogs and magazines and fishing catalogs and magazines arriving almost daily, I think I'll make some space in the garage for my catalogs and mags. As of now, they are overrunning one of the coffee tables. Plus, no grubby little 10 month old girls will eat the pages, out there.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Wet Weekend

One of the main things I wanted to do last weekend, when we went to check out the truck, was get the VIN number written down. I even snapped a picture of the VIN plate, just to be sure.

The one thing I did not get accomplished, writing down the VIN number. The picture I thought I took? Nowhere on the digital camera. I must have forgotten to click the shutter button. I remember sitting there, camera in hand, looking at the plate. But that is when I saw the rust on the rocker panel, so evidently I got distracted.

Once I get the VIN number, I think I'll be able to find out what motor, what transmission, and what the rear-differential is in the truck.

These are the things I know now, from the Vehicle Serial Number:

It is a V8 - dunno what size engine (307, 327 or 396)
It was built in Baltimore

I was going to head out there this morning, to get the VIN number, but it has been raining for 18 hours straight and I do not feel like getting stuck in mud up to my armpits, so this weekend I'll stay in town. And cruise truck sites on the net. Or watch The Dukes of Hassard on CMT.


Tuesday, February 22, 2005

What's in a name?

A buddy asked if the truck would be getting a name. Since my bike has a name, Red Fred, and my guitar has a name, that The Boss Lady won't allow me to disclose in public, I guess the truck will need a name, too.

I actually started thinking about this a couple of weeks ago. Names that have been recently considered: The Blue Bomber, The Beast, Rusty Waters, Big Bertha, or Al's Chevy (Named for my Grandpa).

But the name I keep coming back to is Marge. As in big and blue on top, like Marge Simpson. Or as in Large Marge, Big as a River Barge. But mainly, I like Marge because it could be a shortened version of my MawMaw's name. She certainly wasn't large as a barge, but she was strong as an ox. And this truck used to be pretty tough, too. I remember seeing this truck loaded 10 feet high with hay, not even straining on it's way to the barn.

Lemme know if you got something better.

68 Longbed Parking Only

Well, it is decided. The truck is moving to town. I have to figure out how to move it in the cheapest and safest manner. I won't be able to start it to drive it onto a trailer or car dolly, so it will have to be pushed or winched on. I'll probably rent a U-Haul car trailer, and get one of my buddies to pull it behind his truck.

The guy across the street just bought a 1991 GMC shortbed, maybe he wants to put it to work.

To celebrate this decision, I let the kids play outside, while I started arranging the garage. The truck is too long to fit inside, but I'll want some inside space as I start pulling stuff off to repair. Also, I measured the driveway. The truck and the Escort wagon should fit on the same side of the driveway, without sticking out into the street. But just barely. The Escort is a little less than 15 feet long. The truck is almost 18 feet long!

Monday, February 21, 2005

New Pictures

Thanks to Rick, for hosting these pictures from this weekend.

Here you can see that we actually got it out of the mud. Not really a problem, once we got the rear brakes freed up. It has potential, but maybe not much else. Kind of like me.

See the grass? Through the hole in the rocker panel? Not good. The rest of the floor has a brown floor mat over it, so it may not be as bad as it looks. Or it may be worse. I did not pull it out to peek. And yes, there is an axe in the front floorboard. Don't you have one in your truck?

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Check up day

Adapted from an email I sent to Rick:

Racecar Man and I went out to look over the truck this morning. The good news. WE got it out of the mud and now we can get under it to look around. Maybe next weekend. We got both doors and the hood opened. And we are assuming the engine is not seized, since it was turning, OK.

Bad news, Lots of rust, including a hole under the driver's door, about 3 inches by 2 inches, along the rocker panel and the driver's side kick panel. And the floor of the bed is shot. The rear fenders, are in bad shape.

The trans has issues. Or maybe the clutch. Probably both. Still can't decide if it is a 350 or 327. And for some reason, it is sitting on two brand new rear tires. Of course they are probably ruined, after 12 years of sitting flat in the mud.

I need to decide for sure if it is coming home or not.

Off to see the truck

I am heading out today, to size up the situation with the truck. It is about a 45 minute drive to the farm, so I should have a nice, quiet ride out there.

Maybe more pics later.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Truck Picture

Yep, this is it! This picture was taken last November, and as far as I know, it is still sitting right there, sunk in the mud up to the floorboards.

That's all there is to it. A lot of work ahead...

The Mission

It will take a while, but I want to get the truck running safely first, and eventually deal with the way it looks. Then, I can tell the other dads that I drive a truck, NOT a minivan. Even an ugly truck is cooler than a minivan, right?

And hopefully I will come out of this with a running truck AND all of my fingers still in the proper places.

I know you can't wait, so I'll post a link to a picture, soon.

The Machine

The truck is a 1968 Chevy, long wheel base, stepside, 1/2 ton farmtruck that has not run in years. Currently, it is sitting in a field, stuck in the mud, right where it has been, for nearly 10 years.

The Man

I am AtHomeDaddy, a Stay-at-Home-Dad of two kids. I have been given my grandpa's truck. Come back to read about the trials and errors of getting the truck back on the road.

Without going bankrupt. Or making The Boss Lady mad.