Sunday, March 25, 2007

Truck run

This weekend turned out to be great for trucking. I cruised the neighborhood on Friday. Sort of a shakedown run, to see if there were any problems looming. Everything was fine on my short drive.

Saturday I drove the truck over to The Talker's first soccer game. marge is the perfect vehicle for a soccer coach. Especially if your team wears the same color of blue as Marge. The Talker and I rode home together after the game. We managed to take the long way home, so that our ride would take a little longer. More bonding time for the boy, his dad and their truck.

Saturday afternoon I drove out to Costco to pick up some potting soil for my container gardening. After that I hit the highway for a few miles. This is only the second time I have cruised on the highway in Marge. And the first time was only because I forgot there was no service road available.

After a stop at the garden center, marge and I headed home to finish up this year's veggie gardens. She headed back into the garage after a quick unload. Just in time, too. It started to rain a little while after I finished up.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ride done

No breakdown, no walking. Just me, driving a 39 year old truck.

Good times!

Get outta my way

I am de-junking the bed and going for a truck ride. Be back later.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sitting in the garage

I had the truck out last week to deliver an onion to a neighbor. Since then, nothing.

We have been busy getting everything planned out for vacation, so Marge has been lonely. But she makes a nice staging area. As things are packed for good, we have been loading them into the bed of the truck. And when it comes time to actually pack the Saturn, we will be able to work right off of the truck.

Soccer season starts March 24th and I plan to drive Marge all the time to The Talker's games.