Sunday, March 25, 2007

Truck run

This weekend turned out to be great for trucking. I cruised the neighborhood on Friday. Sort of a shakedown run, to see if there were any problems looming. Everything was fine on my short drive.

Saturday I drove the truck over to The Talker's first soccer game. marge is the perfect vehicle for a soccer coach. Especially if your team wears the same color of blue as Marge. The Talker and I rode home together after the game. We managed to take the long way home, so that our ride would take a little longer. More bonding time for the boy, his dad and their truck.

Saturday afternoon I drove out to Costco to pick up some potting soil for my container gardening. After that I hit the highway for a few miles. This is only the second time I have cruised on the highway in Marge. And the first time was only because I forgot there was no service road available.

After a stop at the garden center, marge and I headed home to finish up this year's veggie gardens. She headed back into the garage after a quick unload. Just in time, too. It started to rain a little while after I finished up.

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