Friday, September 28, 2007

I should not have blogged that

I guess the VW did not like being mentioned in the truck blog. She overheated yesterday. Right after we spent $180 to get the windows tinted. This morning I was able to drive the VW to the shop. I'll let them figure out if it is a thermostat problem, a water pump issue or something else.

The shop service writer ran us home after dropping off the VW. Then The Princess and I pulled out the truck to go for the all important Krispy Kreme run. Boo for broken cars, but Yeah! for a day off and a chance to cruise in the truck.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

No truckin', but lots of repair time

Lately I have been spending my tool-time on the wife's VW Beetle. Last week I installed rear shocks. Turned out to take me almost a week to get it done, since I had to wait for parts. But that just gave me more time to try to plan out the repair.

Thanks to the old truck, I was not intimidated by the repair at all. After all, I have replaced all of the shocks on it, and it still rolls down the street smooth enough.

Thanks to lots of info from the 'net and Racecar Man's tools, which I still have in my garage, the repair went easy enough. Tonight the VW started overheating. Once I read up on the internet, it looks to be a bad water pump. But I think I am leaving this repair to the pros.

That maybe the most useful part of working on the 68 Chevy. I have started learning when it is OK to be intimidated by a repair and to let someone else handle it.

Next up for the truck, new front steering/suspension components and brakes. I want to replace all of the ball joints and such ASAP to try to quiet the creaking and groaning coming from the front end with every left turn.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Just because

Took the truck out for a ride tonight.

No place to go. No route planned. Nothing but a 3/4 tank of gas and me cruising my old truck.

We hit the hills around the neighborhood and had a nice cruise. Not too long, though. Marge does only get 10-12 mpg. Anyways, good times!