Thursday, September 27, 2007

No truckin', but lots of repair time

Lately I have been spending my tool-time on the wife's VW Beetle. Last week I installed rear shocks. Turned out to take me almost a week to get it done, since I had to wait for parts. But that just gave me more time to try to plan out the repair.

Thanks to the old truck, I was not intimidated by the repair at all. After all, I have replaced all of the shocks on it, and it still rolls down the street smooth enough.

Thanks to lots of info from the 'net and Racecar Man's tools, which I still have in my garage, the repair went easy enough. Tonight the VW started overheating. Once I read up on the internet, it looks to be a bad water pump. But I think I am leaving this repair to the pros.

That maybe the most useful part of working on the 68 Chevy. I have started learning when it is OK to be intimidated by a repair and to let someone else handle it.

Next up for the truck, new front steering/suspension components and brakes. I want to replace all of the ball joints and such ASAP to try to quiet the creaking and groaning coming from the front end with every left turn.

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