Saturday, June 30, 2007

Her first night out

I have been wanting to drive the truck up to Car Night, an informal gathering of cars, but it just never seems to work out. This afternoon I cleaned her up a little and Marge finally made a trip to Car Night.

I had the only 67-72 Chevy or GMC Truck there, but I did not have the oldest truck in attendance, a couple had brought their 1920s Ford truck. Lots of cool rides tonight.

Marge sat at the end of Chevy row. A 1970 z28, a 70s 'Vette and a 69 Camaro were lucky enough to hang out with us.

This 1939 Chevy was the coolest car out tonight. The guy's son did all of the paint and most of the bodywork at home in his garage. Pretty good for his first car project. There is some hope for me, still.

Sitting next to the 39 was an '06 Viper. Somehow he snuck onto Chevy Row. Just jealous, I guess. And here are is a 32 Ford that was driven in from California last winter.

Now that the dry hot days of summer are here, hopefully Marge and I will be out there again next weekend.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Taking one for the team

I hoped to get the yard mowed and edged tonight, so I had to hide the new Saturn from flying debris. Marge had to make a quick trip out of the garage and onto the street, so that the brand new ride could rest in the garage.

I was hoping to get the Saturn washed after I finished in the yard, but thanks to a pain in the butt weed-eater, I ran out of day light. Since it will likely rain tonight, I swapped the Saturn and the truck out once again before I finished up. No sense in getting dings in the new car, but since the windows still don't close on the truck, she gets to spend the rainy night in the garage.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Gimme a brake

Back when I swapped out the brake drums, everything seemed to go fairly straight forward. But I kept hearing a nasty grind once in a while when I was braking and turning left at the same time. So I put the truck away for a while.

I opened up the front drums this afternoon and everything looks fine. I put the original drums back on, just in case one of the replacements is warped or something. I'll take them to get them turned eventually.

Now I have no squeal, at least not yet, and the truck seems to be driving and stopping fine. Next I need to tackle the emergency brake. I never have gotten it to work at all.