Tuesday, February 22, 2005

What's in a name?

A buddy asked if the truck would be getting a name. Since my bike has a name, Red Fred, and my guitar has a name, that The Boss Lady won't allow me to disclose in public, I guess the truck will need a name, too.

I actually started thinking about this a couple of weeks ago. Names that have been recently considered: The Blue Bomber, The Beast, Rusty Waters, Big Bertha, or Al's Chevy (Named for my Grandpa).

But the name I keep coming back to is Marge. As in big and blue on top, like Marge Simpson. Or as in Large Marge, Big as a River Barge. But mainly, I like Marge because it could be a shortened version of my MawMaw's name. She certainly wasn't large as a barge, but she was strong as an ox. And this truck used to be pretty tough, too. I remember seeing this truck loaded 10 feet high with hay, not even straining on it's way to the barn.

Lemme know if you got something better.

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