Saturday, February 26, 2005

Wet Weekend

One of the main things I wanted to do last weekend, when we went to check out the truck, was get the VIN number written down. I even snapped a picture of the VIN plate, just to be sure.

The one thing I did not get accomplished, writing down the VIN number. The picture I thought I took? Nowhere on the digital camera. I must have forgotten to click the shutter button. I remember sitting there, camera in hand, looking at the plate. But that is when I saw the rust on the rocker panel, so evidently I got distracted.

Once I get the VIN number, I think I'll be able to find out what motor, what transmission, and what the rear-differential is in the truck.

These are the things I know now, from the Vehicle Serial Number:

It is a V8 - dunno what size engine (307, 327 or 396)
It was built in Baltimore

I was going to head out there this morning, to get the VIN number, but it has been raining for 18 hours straight and I do not feel like getting stuck in mud up to my armpits, so this weekend I'll stay in town. And cruise truck sites on the net. Or watch The Dukes of Hassard on CMT.


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