Saturday, February 19, 2005

Check up day

Adapted from an email I sent to Rick:

Racecar Man and I went out to look over the truck this morning. The good news. WE got it out of the mud and now we can get under it to look around. Maybe next weekend. We got both doors and the hood opened. And we are assuming the engine is not seized, since it was turning, OK.

Bad news, Lots of rust, including a hole under the driver's door, about 3 inches by 2 inches, along the rocker panel and the driver's side kick panel. And the floor of the bed is shot. The rear fenders, are in bad shape.

The trans has issues. Or maybe the clutch. Probably both. Still can't decide if it is a 350 or 327. And for some reason, it is sitting on two brand new rear tires. Of course they are probably ruined, after 12 years of sitting flat in the mud.

I need to decide for sure if it is coming home or not.

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