Tuesday, February 22, 2005

68 Longbed Parking Only

Well, it is decided. The truck is moving to town. I have to figure out how to move it in the cheapest and safest manner. I won't be able to start it to drive it onto a trailer or car dolly, so it will have to be pushed or winched on. I'll probably rent a U-Haul car trailer, and get one of my buddies to pull it behind his truck.

The guy across the street just bought a 1991 GMC shortbed, maybe he wants to put it to work.

To celebrate this decision, I let the kids play outside, while I started arranging the garage. The truck is too long to fit inside, but I'll want some inside space as I start pulling stuff off to repair. Also, I measured the driveway. The truck and the Escort wagon should fit on the same side of the driveway, without sticking out into the street. But just barely. The Escort is a little less than 15 feet long. The truck is almost 18 feet long!

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