Friday, November 09, 2007

Her time has come

Thursday I used Marge to haul a bunch of tools and my tiller to The Talker's school for a Gardening Committee re-do of the front flower beds. On the way over I realized that I can no longer put off the brake system.

Some jerk cut in front of me to pull into the post office. He almost ended up with Marge's 40 year old grill in his rear bumper. I did not stop in time, it just really lucky that he was carrying enough speed to get the heck outta the way before impact. Instead, Marge slid on through the impact zone.

So with 46011 miles on her, Marge is going off the road for a while. New brakes all around and front steering/suspension are all on the list for this round of repairs. No body work this time. Can't afford to make a pretty lady out of her yet.

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