Tuesday, February 14, 2006

No run, no fun

Last weekend I promised to take The Talker for a ride in the truck. We did not make it out of the driveway. The truck started OK, but it was idling like crap.

It died and I could not get it restarted. Finally killed the battery, cranking away on it. Took the batter to get charged and tested and the starter to get tested, too. Both checked out fine.

The points look OK. The cap and rotor and plug wires all look fine. I tweaked the timing a little, but no dice. Today I pulled the plugs and cleaned them. They were all really oily and wet. After I reinstalled the plugs and messed with the timing a little more, we were able to start the truck and back it further into the driveway. I think this means that oil is seeping into parts of the engine where it should not be.

Anyways, not much of a ride for the boy, but he liked it, since he got to ride the whole way in the bed of the truck! By himself. All 15 feet.

Now I am seriously thinking that the engine needs a rebuild before I hassle with getting the truck registered.


andrew Teague said...

Could be as simple as a PCV valve, if you have one. Maybe an intake seal. If both cylinder banks are oily, propably not that. If it is anything in the engine,you might as well rebuild it. It is not recommend to replace/rebuildone part on an engine that old. One part works great and puts more stress on something else.
Most of that is from experience.

Mike said...

Good advice. Maybe I'll get to put off that rebuild for a while.