Thursday, September 07, 2006

Truck Run

I pulled the truck out of the garage Tuesday evening and went for a spin around the block. I was going to cruise a little more, but she was idling for crap and I don't know what is up with that. Haven't taken the time to look yet.

Yesterday the kids and I were driving to dinner in The Boss Lady's 626. While we were still in the neighborhood, the clutch pedal dropped to the floor and stayed there. I could not get the car back into gear.

I pulled over and was able to bring the clutch pedal back into position by hand. Seemed like it still had decent hydraulic pressure after that, but it has since done it several more times. The clutch shares fluid with the brake system and the reservoir is still full. So I don't think it is leaking fluid.

Assuming that the slave cylinder or the clutch master cylinder are going out. Either looks to be a reasonable repair. Hopefully it is just the slave cylinder. I ordered a replacement for $40. The master cylinder was $80, but I went ahead and ordered one in case.

Either way, I sure as heck hope that one or both of these solve the problem. I sure don't want to be dealing with transmission problems in this car for long.

A friend loaned us her car for a couple of days while she is out of town. Which is awesome, because we have several errands to run today and The Boss Lady would have taken the truck to work this morning. And no one really wanted that, especially the truck.

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andrew Teague said...

The slave cylinder just went out on my 4Runner. It costs $12 and alot of cussing since I was suppossed to be at my temp job.
Fixed and running better than before.