Saturday, October 07, 2006

Soccer Run

This morning The Talker and I are driving the truck to his soccer game. I promised several weeks ago, so the time has come. Last night I spent some time making sure everything was as good as could be for the drive.

I hooked up the vac gauge again, to check the carburetor. Last time I had not warmed up the engine for very long. But it looks good.

I hooked up the dwell meter and the points look fine. The timing light showed that the engine is right on time, at 2 degrees BTDC.

Tires. Check. Toolbox packed. Jack stuffed under the seat. Fire extinguisher. Double check.

Yep we are good to go on our soccer adventure. Should be a great 5 mile drive.


Anonymous said...

Fire extinguisher! Better get two: one for easy reach from either door ;)

andrew Teague said...

Don't forget to throw a few loose soccer balls in the back. I am sure the talker will love watching them bounce around.