Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Column Swap, part 1

On Christmas eve I spent several hours out in the garage. I was hoping to get the entire steering column removed, so that I could have a head start when I bring the new column home tomorrow. I probably won't get the new one put in right away, but at least I am ready when I get to it.

This is the turn signal switch that started all of my troubles.
I wanted to swap it out with a $25 part from Auto Zone. So much for this budget repair...

The bunged up threads at the tip of this steering rod are the source of all of my column problems. I can't mount the steering wheel with them like that. So the swap was in order.

Is that what your dash looks like after you rip the column out of your truck? There is a method to my madness, but it would take too long to explain...

Some where in that picture is my nice pretty steering wheel that I spent hours cleaning and now I won't be using. Can you say garage wall art?

There should be a steering shaft and transmission linkages in that picture,
but they are attached to the now missing column.

Where do you keep your column? I keep mine beside the driver's side front wheel.
Thanks for asking.


andrew said...

Wow. Your dash looks more organized then mine. Just make sure your defrost vents are installed or things will disappear into the dash. I lost my work keys for a week that way.

Rick said...

Did you try running the threads through a die. You could probably clean them up nicely.

Harbor Freight is your friend. They usually have a small tap and die set for around $10 or $15.

Mike said...

They actually look worse in person than in the picture. The two people I asked about using a die thought that they are too far gone to repair.

But I MIGHT try it later, if I have to.