Thursday, September 15, 2005

Gasoline Dump

This afternoon I planned to get the old gas out of the truck tank and into gas cans, so that I could haul it to the city hazardous waste collection site. The main problem I had involved getting the gas from the tank into the cans for hauling.

So ignoring most common sense and safety, I dumped the gas into a 10 gallon bucket that we used to wash cloth diapers in. Then, I was going to pour the gas into the cans a little at a time with a funnel. The gas was really cruddy looking and I did not want 8 gallons sitting in a bucket for too long. But while I was getting ready to transfer the gas, I noticed that the rust and junk was settling quickly.

After a few minutes, I siphoned off the top 5 gallons and I poured it into a can and then into the minivan. Hey, we won't be driving this thing for more than a couple of years, so what can it hurt, right? Most of the rest of the gas went into a 2 gallon can for use in the lawn mower. But the last gallon, and all of the crud at the bottom of the bucket, went into a smaller gas can. That one will get dropped off at the city chemical waste site along with my 10 gallon diaper bucket.

Introducing the gunky gas into the minivan was not a perfect solution, but no one spontaneously combusted, so I consider it a successful afternoon.

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