Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Running on empty

I am trying to run the truck out of gas this week. I put a fuel filter on a week and a half ago. It is getting clogged already, with rust and crap out of the fuel tank. I am going to put another fuel filter on and hopefully I'll get a lot of the gas out before I remove the tank.

I want to read up on cleaning the tank and sealing the insides before I reinstall it. But when I do that, I have been warned that it will need a new fuel sender set-up, too.

I am also debating whether or not to remove the heater from the truck. As far as I know, it is functional. I know it needs all new duct work and the slides don't seem to move through a full range of motion. Plus, I don't plan on going too far north in this truck, so I'll doubt I'll ever use the heater. If it is too cold to ride in, then it is also too cold for yardwork or fishing.

Even if I do remove most of the system, I'll likely leave the controls in the dash, though. Otherwise everyone would ask me why is there a big hole in the dash. And I'll have to think up some witty answer. I already have to say "You put your weeeeeed in it..." every time someone asks about the hole where the cigar lighter should be.

By the way, magnets stick to the gas tank.

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Andrew said...

If you still have heater hoses hooked up in the engine compartment and there is nothing leaking, the heater should be fine. Then the cables from the heater controls have rusted up. Easy to replace and should be cheap. I broke some of the controls before I figured this out.