Friday, April 28, 2006

Swap Meet, Day 1

I made it to the Pate swap meet this morning. The rainy weather followed pretty quickly, so I left before 2pm. While I was there I found a few good deals.

I hit a couple of commercial vendors for some electrical stuff. Fist, I bought a replacement for the gas tank filler grommet that I trashed when I pulled the gas tank out to clean it. $5. I bought a windshield wiper switch to replace the one I busted when trying to decide if it could be disassembled and cleaned up. It couldn't. $35.

I also picked up a headlight switch. $15. Mine works, but the dash lights quit a while ago. I am hoping a new switch will fix that. I bought a set of door escutcheons for less than $10. They go behind the door handles and replace some I broke a while back.

All of that stuff was new, but I still saved some $$$, since I did not have to pay for shipping. The only really good deal I found was a set of side marker lights, complete and in great shape off of a 1969 Blazer. They will be replacing the ones on the truck that are chipped and broken. $10.

I'll be heading back out Saturday, to look for a used fuel sender and some other small stuff. Saturday I'll take more Dr Peppers, too. They only sell Cokes out there. 20 ounce bottles, $3. Ouch.

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