Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Marge KO's the bull

I drove Marge, in her new blue dress, to a stay at home dad's group night out this evening. On the way a woman hit Marge on the rear corner of the driver's side quarter panel, right beside the tail light.

No damage, except a little scrape on the new paint. But you shoulda seen the other car.Marge is large and in charge. She knocked that Ford Taurus to the mat.

The lady drove away without stopping. So I took a lot of joy in the moment that she said, "Well it did not do any damage to your truck".

"Yeah, you are right, but you ought to see the passenger's side of your car. You have a nice blue racing stripe over there, now!"

Way to go Margie.


KC said...

Suhweeet! And the person drove off? I wonder if they thought their car was no more hurt than the one (yours) that got hit. Haha, I bet there was some surprise later that day for the little car's owner ;)

Mike said...

I followed her. Mainly to make sure that I knew she hit me.

AND I got to tell her about the nasty blue racing strip on her passenger side. Still she did not get out of the car.

Afaid that Marge would kick her ass, too, I bet.