Thursday, August 02, 2007

Putting the truck to use

I have not posted here all month. I have not needed to do any work to the truck in that time, so nothing interesting hap been going on with Marge.

Except that she was worked harder in July than in any month during her last 15 years. I ran to Lowes a few times to pick up a clothes dryer. first trip it wasn't in stock, so I had to return later.

We also made a few trips to the vet. I love having a truck to haul the dog. He has really long hair that is impossible to get out of my car's carpet. So I set up his crate, strapped everything down tight and hauled him back and forth in the bed of the truck. No hair in my new car!

Somewhere around here is a picture of me hauling our treadmill off to the Salvation Army. The treadmill hadn't bee used in at least a year. Once again, nice to have a truck. I could never have hauled that thing in my car.

The truck made a couple of passes around the neighborhood for junkin' season, but I never picked anything up while I was out in it. With all the rain we have gotten lately, most of my junkin' was done in the Saturn.


Bill said...

Hey Mike,

I just stumbled onto your blog from a friend of mine who also keeps a "Fatherhood" style blog (, and I have to say I couldn't stop reading your blog until I had read every post! I have always loved old vehicle and always wanted to restore/fix one up! Good work and I can't wait for the next post!

Take care,


Mike said...

Thanks for the visit.

Find an old beater and tear into it!