Sunday, October 23, 2005

Brakes to Grime

I planned to remove the rear brake line this afternoon. This was to be the third attempt and I would not surrender until the dang thing was off of the truck.

PB Blaster, heat, flare nut wrenches... threw everything I had at these 37 year old compression fittings. They won. The line is still attached to the truck.

So I pulled the front wheels and took a flathead screwdriver to the caked on crud and muck on the front suspension and frame parts that I could reach. I worked for two hours scraping anything that I could get to. Afterwards, I had another huge pile of crud under the truck. Since the truck is not drivable this time, I guess the pile will sit there, under the heap, until the next big rain.

While scraping, I tried to add up how long I have spent scraping under this truck. Best figure I could come up with, more than 10 hours, but less than 15. And I think another 5 hours would get most of the crud off of the truck and into the pile underneath.

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