Monday, October 31, 2005

Learning as I go

I found out that my truck does not have a proportioning valve on it. What I thought was the prop valve, the junction of front and brake lines right after the master cylinder, is in fact an electric switch that lights an idiot light on the dash, if either the front or rear brake lines lose pressure.

Odd, what I learn when I actually pull out the repair manuals.


Darth Daddy said...

You mean you actualy read the instructions??


ps. Ok - I admit, I do the same. But I always refer to the manual as a Spanish Mechanic named "Manwell". Don't know how to fix it? I'l get my mechanic Manwell on it.

Mike said...

Hell no.

Don't ever accuse me of kowing what I am doing before hand. The manuals only come out AFTER I screw up the project.

Like a real man.