Thursday, January 19, 2006

Fuel issues

The gas tank was leaking a little bit since I filled it up. I thought it was a slow leak. Which might not be a huge deal, if the gas tank were not right behind the seat, in the cab. I finally got around to taking the seat out and getting a closer look. And I was surprised to find A LOT of gas on the floor. Turns out there was a pretty good leak at the connection to the fuel sender. After I tried reinstalling the fuel lines at the sender, the leak went away.

Until I killed the ignition. Then the flood started again. I found a crack in the brass connector on the fuel sender. I'll be needing another sender, soon.

But for now I removed the fitting and used a couple of inches of rubber hose to make the connection. No more leak, but I won't feel too safe with it like this for long.

1 comment:

jd said...

Gas on the floor! I hope you don't smoke AtHomeDaddy. That's so scary. That'll be some real good fixed-up truck when you're through with it.