Monday, January 02, 2006

A close call

Last night I moved the truck back into the driveway. Good thing, because I saw the neighborhood parking control officer, cruising the street this morning. He tagged a neighbor's car, which means that someone complained about that car being parked too long on the street. Which I bet means that they complained about the truck, too.

But the cop did not come into our driveway to tag my truck. Good for him. He really did not want that much hassle out of me.

But the big problem is that we obviously have a neighbor who is calling in complaints if someone parks for more than a day or two. I assume it is either Wonder Woman or a guy who lives up the hill, but he has a back gate onto our street.


Darth Daddy said...

There's always gotta be some jacakass calling the cops. Before we bought our house, I had the cops called on my 3 times by neighbors...just for parking my hearse in the driveway or in front of the house.

People suck


Mike said...

Yeah. It might get intersting, because he said something about the parked cars violating the Home Owner's Association ordinance.

The HOA applies to the street he lives on, but not our street because these houses were built before the HOA was formed (thank goodness).

Darth Daddy said...

I had 3 rules that I gave our realtor when searching fo rour "we now live in it" house. Have to be able to walk around it without touching a neighbors house, 2 story, and NO HOME OWNERS ASSOCATION!

Mike said...

Yeah. I am with you. I ahve a real problem with someone else telling me what my house and yard should look like.