Friday, August 26, 2005

Truck, what truck?

I have spent no time on the truck this week. I walked by it a few times yesterday, just to make sure it was still in the driveway.

The city is hauling off old cars that are sitting on the street. If a car has expired registration or inspection stickers, then it is subject to being towed off, 10 days after it gets tagged by the police. That way the owner has a little time to take care of the car, first. Of course, the truck is in my driveway, so it should not be a big problem.

Our crazy neighbor had a 90's model Isuzu Trooper literally drug off, because it had been parked on the street for two years and the tires rotted off of it. A dead give away that a car is not being used - when ivy vines start growing around and into the car. I just thought he was making an SUV shaped topiary out front.

I have heard of a couple of cars getting tagged sitting in a driveway. I can only assume they were blocking the sidewalk, so the police could tag the car even in a driveway. Otherwise, there should not be a problem. But our driveway is long enough to get 4 full sized cars completely off of the street and there are no sidewalks on our side of the street.

Add to all of that, the truck is parked at the front of the driveway, 20 feet from the street. But if an orange tag shows up on my truck this week, you'll hear about it. And so will our local police. 'Cause I plan on doing a whole lot of whining if I have to clean out my garage to fit a truck in there.

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Darth Daddy said...

First off, have you thought of having the trck registered as a vintage/ antique? In Va, when you do that, you pay $10 for the first year, and nothing afterwards. They issue these heavy duty black antique plates that require no stickers. Also, vehicles registered as antique/vintage don't require city stickers or yearly inspection stickers. I use my 2 hearses as blocker for the Firebirds that they can legally tag and tow.
Secondly, be careful with the truck, in that cops dont have to stop at the sidewalk. Legally, at least here, as long as the walkway is not obstructed (meaning that they can walk right up to it), and it is visible from the street, the cops can walk right up your driveway and start tagging.
I caught one doin this about a year ago. He was an old guy - the Capt of the Auxilliary (I used to be on the department as an aux officer, but he idnt remember me). He got as far as the hearses when I confronted him, informed him that he was tresspassing, and requested that he exit the property. I even escorted him (non-pysically, of course) to the sidewalk. Afterwards, I thought it was a stupid move to act that way - but he never came back (and I never did like that moron anyways).

I'd recommend either a large truck cover (like the $20 ones at Walmart), or errecting a temporary fence (Lowes - $40 for a fence section) in front of it, to block view.