Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Yep, just as I suspected...

Somehow I managed to kill the old battery from the wife's car. No problem, though. It had a pro-rated 7 year warranty and I had a $20 Autozone gift card.

So this evening I took the wife's battery out of her car for one last time. When the truck started perfectly the first time, I cruised the hood for a few miles. Then I swapped cars and headed out to Autozone for a new battery.

Not a bad deal, I guess. The old battery was three years old and the gave me $20 back on the warranty adjustment. We originally paid $36 for it. Kind of like battery rental for $12 a year.

Since I already bought a new battery for the wife's car, I grabbed one that is actually intended for the truck. Bigger battery, more amps and it has a pretty red top. Guess they want people to think that I am rolling with a $150 Optima under the hood.

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