Friday, March 03, 2006

Not bad for $11

UPS dropped off my tachometer this morning along with the new satellite receiver. Of course, TV won out, and I waited until the wife got home to work on the truck. I bought the tach for $11 through Ebay.

It took me about an hour to hook up the tach. The hardest part was running a wire through the firewall to the ignition coil. I ran it through the same grommet where the oil pressure tubing runs. Hopefully that won't cause a problem.

My gauge cluster lights are not working right now. I suspect that the dimmer switch is bad. The tach has a light that should be tied to the gauge lights. Instead I ran the tach power and light power to an ignition switched tab on the fuse box. All this really means is that for now, if the truck is running, the tach is lit up. Someday I'll change that.

All in all I think it looks dandy. By the way, My truck is idling at 900 RPMs. It sounds good, but I think that might be a little fast.


KC said...

Why do you think 900 is too fast? That sounds reasonable AFAIK.

Mike said...

I don't really know. I just thought these old truck were supposed to be idling at like 700 RPMs. But when I set it lower, it sounds like it will stall any second.

I think I'll leave it here for a while.