Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Seven concerned citizens

I am up to seven people asking me where the truck has gone, now that it is parked in the garage. One is a neighbor from our block. He drove by and asked while we were riding bikes in our gravel free driveway this morning. Another neighbor stopped and asked while on her morning walk a few minutes later. A few days ago one of our friends asked The Boss Lady about it.

And finally, this morning, while they were making their rounds, the recycling truck drivers stopped and asked. An hour later the yard waste truck driver stopped at the curb and yelled his inquiry. "Where that cool old truck go?"

Sure is nice to have neighbors who care!


andrew said...

This means that you have to pull it out when you repair something. All your fans want to watch the progress

Mike said...

You know that's right. Besides, the garage is full of riding toys for toddlers and woodworking toys for me, so I pretty much have to pull the truck out to do anything to it, anyways.

Just one more chance to drive it.

KC said...

You could sell tickets to view it. It's a landmark and/or a symbol of Manly America :)

Mike said...

Great idea. Then I could sell tix to see the backyard gravel pile and the woodshop wonderland of half done projects, too.

You are a smart man, KC.