Friday, July 07, 2006


I recently have gotten tired of looking at the rusty truck frame in the driveway. So today I rednecked a frame paint job. Thanks to a half dozen cans of primer for rusty metal and a bunch of Rustoleum flat black spay paint, I got a half-assed paint job on the truck frame. I'll throw another can or two at it before I declare it DONE.

Does it look great? No. Does it look better? Yep. Does it look like it was done with a $20 budget in one afternoon? Indubitably.

But I think it looks better. And this was never planned to be a big budget restoration, just an effort at slowing down any further rot and deterioration.

Will it work? Don't know. Ask me in another 40 years and we will know for sure.


Rick said...

show off!

Mike said...

Just don't look too close.

andrew Teague said...

You are getting ahead of me. Guess I better get to work

Mike said...

believe me. Anyone with any real skills is way ahead of me.

I am jsut too dumb and cheap to pay for someone to do all of the stuff I haven't a clue about!