Sunday, July 02, 2006

Easiest repair ever?

I have given up on the driveshaft. It is going to a driveshaft shop or a machine shop to get a new carrier bearing and universal joints. I took back the parts I bought, minus one u-joint that I think I damaged, and got a refund.

This week my self imposed deadline will pass. I wanted to have the truck road worthy to drive in the neighborhood July 4th parade. Maybe next year.

I am still trying to make some progress on the truck this summer, so I picked up a set of rear shocks and new mounting hardware this afternoon. Within 20 minutes of getting home with the parts I was putting tools away. Hopefully I installed them right, 'cause I know I installed them quick.


andrew Teague said...

Don't give up, you still have a day before the parade!

Mike said...

If I had gotten the driveshaft rebuilt a couple of weeks ago, like I should have, and not been dorking around with it this long, then The Fourth would have been almost possible.

I would have just needed tires, brakes, the bed installed and a few other odds and ends.

Now, no dice. Wah, Wah.