Thursday, July 20, 2006

When I want something done right,

I hire the job out.

For the first time since I started messing around with my old truck, I am paying someone to work on it. Which is surely breaking the number one rule I set for myself when this all started. Back then I wanted to learn how to do everything to get the truck back on the road.

Now, I just want all of the pieces and parts that once made up my driveshaft to be put back together. And I gave up a while back on getting that job done myself. Technically, the shop is working on PART of the truck, not the truck itself.

I dropped the driveshaft and extra parts off today, hoping they would be back sometime before the truck or I turn 50 years old. And it SHOULD be back tomorrow afternoon. A nice surprise for my 36th birthday.

Now I can tell everyone that I really got the shaft on my birthday!

1 comment:

Boss Lady said...

I think the technically correct way to put it is, "Your parents and in-laws paid for you to get the shaft for your birthday. Your wife wouldn't put out."

CBH! Happy Birthday!