Saturday, July 29, 2006

Re: Feeling Strong or Stupid?

That was the subject line of an email I sent out to the guys in the neighborhood. At least the ones that I thought might be willing to help me lift the fleetside truckbed onto the truck frame.

Waiting to meet her rear end transplant

The view from the backyard

After some discussion and measuring to see if the truck would fit back out of the gate with the bed mounted, after one of the guys reminded me that we brought the bed into the back yard on it's end panel, not flat, like I remembered, I backed the truck into the yard with 6 inches to spare. But because of the mirrors, that was only about an inch on each side when I backed up far enough to get out of the truck.

It took me several tries to get lined up on the narrow gate.

It only took us about 15 minutes with 4 guys. I backed the truck right under the bed while the other guys held it up. About 10 minutes later we were done bolting it down and ready for a quick ride to the front yard.

There was one other guy around, but he is a lawyer and for legal reasons, I don't want his picture on my blog.

By the way, The Talker skipped out on the work, but he was sure ready for the ride...

The bed floor. Not perfect, but much better than the old.

I think this is her best looking side, now.


Rick said...

Time to get some more of that blue spray paint.

From the pictures, the bed looks nice and straight. Congrats!

Mike said...

The bed floor needs some help and there are a few surface rust spots, but it is a good bed.