Saturday, August 19, 2006

I hate electrical problems!

My windshield wipers haven't worked since I got the truck. A while back I traded for some used parts and ended up with a wiper motor to swap with the original one in the truck.

So this morning I removed the cowl and dug into the wiper system. I got the old wiper motor out without any problems. I hooked the other motor up, but it is not turning either. Likely I have an electrical issue before the motor. But it is entirely possible that I have a bad second motor, too.

So I am stopping for the day. Hopefully soon I can get a buddy to help me test the motor to see if either are working.


Rick said...

Get a couple of pieces of wire and connect the wiper motor directly to the battery.

If the motor is good, you will no it then. Odds are it is a wiring problem.

You might want to lubricate the motor before putting it back in.

Mike said...

That is my problem. There are 5 wires going into this thing. I think two for the motor, two for the washer fluid pump and a ground, but no clue which is which.

Maybe I'll try it Wed anyways.