Friday, August 18, 2006

Rear Lights

I spent a couple of minutes on the truck today. I received some lenses for the rear brake lights that I bought online. So I got them installed. Still need one reverse light cover, though.

When I opened the box there were 5 lenses. Three for brake lights and two reverse light lenses but both fit the passenger's side. That is what I get for spending $10 on used lenses instead of $40 on new ones.

I went back and check my original emails to the guy who sent the lenses. Sure enough, he told me about the reverse lights and even showed me a picture of all of the lenses. But I am a goof and I missed those pieces of info. I only remembered that he told me he was sending an extra brake lens since two of them had small cracks.

Still, I saved $30 and I can get a reverse lenses cover for a lot cheaper than that I bet.


Rick said...

I only have one reverse lense also. I figured I would send you mine and 5 years from now when I finally need to some lenses, I would replace mine.

I just went out to the garage to get it. It turns out mine is for the passenger side also.

Say the word and I will send it anyway. You could start a collection.

Mike said...

Maybe that is my true calling in life. A bad ass collection of back up light lenses. Passenger sides only, of course!