Friday, November 11, 2005

All hooked up

I got the last of the rear brake system hooked up this afternoon. I'll have to read up on bleeding the brake system before I add the fluid and know for sure if my new lines will work.

I think I got the oil pan leak fixed tonight. After I removed, cleaned and reinstalled the SureDrain plug, there was no oil dripping from the usual spot. I'll check again in the morning, just to be sure.

Finally, I cleaned the gas tank some more, tonight. I kept knocking crud loose inside the tank and then I would rinse it out with some clean gas. The last couple of times the gas was pretty clean when I dumped it out. I'll try this again tomorrow, too. If the gas comes out clean a couple of more times, I'll reinstall the tank.

I won't be able to completely finish that job this weekend, though. I will have to get a new floor/fuel line grommet and a fuel filler grommet along with a new fuel sender. The grommets were destroyed during removal, and the fuel sender is trashed.

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