Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Cool truck sighting

The kids and I were pulling out of the Costco parking lot after lunchtime and we got passed by the coolest looking medium red 68 Chevy longbed stepside. He even still has the original hubcaps on it. I have two sets of these non-reproduced caps in storage right now!

The only major difference between our two trucks, except that his was nice, awesome, red, and running and mine is a rusted out beater that hasn't seen a street in two months., was the side mounted spare tire. Which did not have a hubcap on it...

I ended up in a turn only lane, so I could not stalk the guy. Next sighting, I will chase him down. I want to see more of this cool old stock ride.

It did not have any obvious evidence of old decals, but it might have been an old fire truck. I guess this because of the red lights on the roof and the searchlight mounted in between, with the control handle was up on the center of the cab ceiling.

My great uncle's farm truck had a search light mounted on the roof just like this red truck. I always thought it was the coolest thing about his farm trucks.

Now if I can just find that red truck again...

This makes six 1967-1972 ongbed stepside Chevy trucks that I have seen since getting my truck home. Mine, this red 68, a green and white 71 or 72, a medium green 69 or 70, and two I saw at a swap meet last year. But one of those might have been a GMC...

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