Wednesday, November 02, 2005

No help this time

The Princess gave up on helping in the garage. After the wife got home, I headed back out to tinker. I finally decided to tackle the oil leak on the truck. I stripped some threads on the oil pan a while back. I have a plan to fix the leak, but I need the oil plug out and the surface around the drain to be clean and dry. So I started with half an oil change today?

What's that, you ask? . I have all of the oil drained and the new filter installed, but I won't finish the repair until this weekend, so the truck will sit a few more days dripping oil.

Which really is not that big of a deal, seeing as the gas tank is in the garage, right beside the bench seat and the rear brake lines are currently hanging on the bike rack. This truck would be sitting all weekend, even if it had oil in the engine.

Tonight I spent some time organizing and cleaning tools. I am learning a lot about the old truck lately. But I still have the same low level of organizational skills. After getting all of that done, I spent a few minutes listening to a little Willie Nelson and fixing up The Talker's Shrek scooter.

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Rick said...

It is amazing what you can learn about a truck once you start taking it apart.

I sure wish you lived nearby. You could help me put mine back together.