Thursday, November 24, 2005

Tire time is coming

I am getting really close to getting the truck to pass the safety inspection. A little more wiring repair (it has to have a license plate light on the rear plate) and some brake adjustments will get most of the problems out of the way.

But I have to put new shoes on the truck, too. I still have one of the tires on it that I brought it home on. Two of the other tires came out a junkyard, when I bought some wheels. The 4th? My old spare from the minivan. 4 tires, 3 sizes, 4 different makes. Classy!

The dry rot is obvious on the three old tires, so I know they have to be replaced first. But I am trying to decide what to do.

I could go buy some new cheap tires at Walmart. For about $200 I could have 4 brand new tires. Or I could find a decent set of used tires. Might be out $100-$125 this way.

Then there is my grand plan. The tires on the minivan are junky. They are safe, but we have had lots of problems with several sets of these tires. So a while back I started thinking about putting new Goodyears on the minivan and moving the tires that are now on it over to the truck. Total cost for this plan, about $400, maybe $425 if I have to pay to have the tires mounted on the truck wheels.

This might be the best option. The minivan gets new rubber and the truck gets decent tires that should last a long time, with as few miles as it will be driven. But these tires are smaller than I really want on the truck. And it might look a little silly.

The sacrifices I have to consider making for the family...

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