Sunday, November 13, 2005

Internet Parts

I stopped at five chain auto parts stores yesterday, looking for the rubber pieces and fuel sender. No luck at any of the stores. I made a deal on a truck website for a used fuel sender. I still need to order the rubber parts for the tank install, but I am getting closer to putting the interior back together.

I wanted to run the engine a little yesterday morning since it has been sitting for a month. After checking everything out, I could not get the engine to fire. I was tempted to call around and ask my buddies to suggest a solution, but I diagnosed the problem myself. It seemed to be getting no fuel. The fuel filters were not dirty, and the line to the carburetor looked pretty dry. So I decided it was time for a new fuel pump. Seemed like the logical solution. And it turns out that I was right! A first time for every thing? After I installed the new pump, the truck fired up quickly.

When I bought the fuel pump, in May, the parts store had two in stock. A $12 pump that had a 3 month warranty, or a $14 pump with a lifetime warranty. I guess that was a good $2 spent, because the store swapped me for a new pump and I was out of there in 5 minutes. Without spending any more money!

Which is nice, because I noticed a new leak yesterday. Now the rear differential is leaking. I think it about time to remove the driveshaft and fix the oil seals on both ends.

Hey Rick, how do you pull the driveshaft out?


Rick said...

Remove the 4 bolts from the back joint on the drive shaft. Once you get under the truck you should see what I am talking about. This should allow the rear end of the shaft to drop. Then simply slide it forward a coule of inches and it will fall out of the transmission. It would probably be a good idea to put a jack stand under it while removing the bolts.

It is a lot easier to remove the bolts from the top, but that requires you to remove the bed first. :)

Mike said...

Well it sounds simple enough. Maybe it'll come out this weekend.

Anonymous said...

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