Monday, November 21, 2005

Truckin again

This afternoon I received a fuel sender that I bought from a guy in Virginia. I mailed him the check last Tuesday so this was pretty good turn around time.

I had no plans to work on the truck today. But I could not resist installing the new fuel sender and getting the fuel system plumbed again. While I was at it I moved the fuel filter closer to the tank. Someone told me that my installed location might lead to vapor lock, because it was too close to the fuel pump. Since I don't know any better, I moved the filter.

Once I got everything buttoned up, I could not miss out on taking a quick cruise. Sitting on my milk crate, I made a couple of runs down the street. I only had a little gas in the tank, so I kept the cruising short. I dumped 5 gallons in the tank tonight, so maybe the boy and I will take a ride Tuesday.

After seeing the neighborhood, I reinstalled the seatbelts and the seat. The Talker had fun bouncing around in the truck when I was finished for the night.

Almost as much fun as I had on my first ride in a couple of months.

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