Monday, May 16, 2005

Best case scenario

I am trying to make little steps of progress on the truck. Eventually I'll have to deal with some of the bigger issues. So I am starting to think about everything that the truck will need to 1. Run, 2. Stop, 3. Drive safely and 4. Look better.

These are the things I plan to do for each category. More things will be added as I realize something I forgot or something breaks along the way.

1. Running Engine - I am going to need the new carb, a new set of radiator and heater hoses, a new fan belt, a fluid change and radiator flush, a tune up and getting the timing set. Then I will work on anything else that needs attention

2. Stopping - A complete brake job is in order, along with a new set of wheels and tires, The original wheels are completely rusty and I hope to find better used ones. The tires are trash, but if they wheel fit (That's a pun!), I might move the old ones off of the van and put new tires on it.

3. Driving safely - The truck will not be driven much at night, but I am going to put new bulbs all around and I am thinking about LED tail lamps. Brighter lights could not hurt anything. I also need to get the gas gauge rewired and replace the license plate lamp. The windshield wiper motor is dead, I'll have to replace that before I can pass inspection. And new seat belts with shoulder harnesses will eventually be installed. But I'll have to modify the cab a little, so regular lap belts will be installed for a while.

4. Looking better - I never really though that the spray can paint job would make the truck look great. I am just hoping that it will fend off the rust for a while. Eventually the truck is going to need some considerable body work. Lots of dents to knock out, the doors need new skins, also the bed floor is shot and I want to go back to a wooden bed.

Lot more to be added, I am sure.

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Rick said...

I see your new old job is getting in the way of working on the truck.

Not even a single post about it today.