Monday, May 30, 2005

This weekends progress is brought to you by mom...

My parent's were in town for a couple of days. Sitting at breakfast Saturday morning my dad and I were talking about the truck. My mom slipped me a few bucks to work on the truck.

I always listen to my mommy, so I ran like a scalded cat to the parts store. Thanks to The Queen Mother and Autozone, the truck now has a new fuel pump, another shop manual and a new ignition coil.

I also bought a new set of wrenches at Costco. They are not top of the line, but they are better wrenches than I am mechanic, so they are way better than I need. But the wrenches I was using are total crap. The set came with a new socket set and a couple of pairs of pliers, too. I don't know if these are better than what I had, but I suspect they are.

After working on the truck, I started straightening up the garage and re-organizing tools. I did not want the new tools to be scared of the giant pile of tools in the garden wagon, so I finally put all of them away. I pulled a few useful pieces out of a couple of old junky tool sets that I had in college.

I am setting up The Talker's tool box with the leftovers, so that he can help me out in the garage. This afternoon I am going to setup a board with some screws and bolts on it, so that he can practice and play workshop with me.

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