Saturday, May 14, 2005

Busy Saturday

Went over and helped a guy swap out his cab on a 69 Chevy Truck this morning. One stubborn bolt kept progress pretty slow until lunch time, but by 3:15 we had the new cab sitting on the frame and the old cab sitting on the trailer. It was a pretty cool project and I was able to check out a lot of mechanical things that I have yet to locate on my own ride. But hopefully my cab will remain attached to the frame for a long time. This was a big job.

I was thinking about heading to pickup some parts this afternoon, but maybe we will do it one afternoon this week. Instead, I cleaned a little more under the hood. I seem to have the best luck with an old screwdriver and a high powered blowgun attached to my air compressor. After scraping, I can just blast some pretty good chunks of caked on mud and grime right off of the block and body.

I tried to swap out the ignition for the new one I bought a few weeks ago. I read online how to remove the old one, but have evidently forgotten everything I read. I could not get the old one out. Will try that another day, after some online searching.

I stated removing the carb again, but got sidetracked when I remembered Car Night out at Home Depot. So the whole family loaded up and we checked out the cars and a few trucks. Highlights - A 1955 Chevy Cameo Truck, A 1972 Chevy Shortbed that I have seem at another show and a 1956 GMC that still has good looking original paint and an original spare tire. It originally belonged to the guy's great-grandfather.


Rick said...

Is your reference to the ignition referring to the switch or the distributor?

I pulled my switch out a few weeks ago. Want some hints?

Mike said...

YES! I had a couple of writeups about it, but the inf does not seem to do me any good.