Sunday, May 15, 2005

Busy day in the driveway

I have been scraping and knocking gunk off of the engine since I got it home. Today, I stood back and realized that it is starting too look pretty good. Believe me, there is a long way to go to get the old girl all cleaned up, but it is nice to see some progress. Here is a pic.

And just so I can remember where I started with this truck, here is the first picture I took of the engine, back in February, while it was sitting in the mud out at the farm. Yes, those are corncobs. I found at least 20 in the engine bay. A few even made the 45 mile ride home.

And just for grins, here is my blog entry from back then.

Before I got everything re-assembled for picture time, I installed new spark plugs and wires and a new cap and rotor. I also got the points gapped properly. I think.. We will see if this helps it run, once I install a decent carburetor.

While you wait for that to happen, you can oogle a couple of other engine pics. Here is one. And here is another.

And if you would rather google my engine, go here.


Rick said...

Dude, you have the factory chalk marks. Don't wash those off.

Mike said...

Yep. That is one reason I am not hitting the engine bay with a power washer. I want to make sure there are not any others left before I get the powere after it.

Those will be there when I die.