Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Roadtrip, almost

The Talker and I almost took the truck on a trip tonight. He wanted to pretend that he was driving to Steve's house. And since I am a good daddy, I wanted to make this trip a reality.

No, the truck is not yet running. And I would not let a three year old drive it anyways. When he is six, maybe...

See, Steve lives right across the street.

If I had shifted the truck out of gear and moved the 2x6s that are blocking the tires, we would have been at Steve's house in 12 seconds.

But we did not go. We stayed in our driveway and dreamt of a day when we can drive the truck over to Steve's house.

Yep. That'll be sweet.

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chip said...

When he was about the Talker's age, my son used to love just sitting in our car in the driveway and pretend to be driving -- though sometimes he'd take his eyes off the road and climb into the back seat...