Sunday, May 22, 2005


Oil Change day. Started great. The drain plug was not seized to the pan and the filter was not too tight to remove. But once I got the drain plug out, everything got ugly in a hurry.

Instead of a stream of funky old oil oozing out of the drain, there was a gusher of gas smelling, almost water thin black liquid. And a lot of it.

The oil pan should hold 4 quarts and the filter should hold another. When I drained this crud out of the pan, I got 7 liters out. I know it is 7, because I had to put it into three, 3 liter Dr Pepper bottles, since it was overflowing my oil drain pan. Filled two bottles and 1/3 of the next. 3+3+1=7, see.

I don't know what caused this, could it just be really old oil? Could it be bad engine parts? Other ideas?


Striker169 said...

The oil will break down and water could have leaked into your oil which is a bad sign but sitting for so long it is normal happened to my mustang once you run it again do another oil change like 500 miles after this one and see if it is till really runny watery-like and if it is then you need to look more into your gaskets but I wouldnt worry really untill you see the next oil change that will really tell you if you have some problems

Mike said...

Cool beans.