Monday, May 16, 2005

Production numbers

Rick pointed out the original production marks on my firewall, from this picture I posted yesterday.

See the white letters on the top left of the photo? CE10904. That is my trucks model number and it was written on the truck as it rolled down the assembly line. They kept the production line straight on what they were building, since they were building lots of differently equipped trucks on the same line. In this case it meant a 2 Wheel drive, V8, 1/2 ton, Longbed Stepside.

And those marks are the main reason that cleaning the engine is going slow. I want to make sure they stay there. Heck, this writing has been on the truck longer than I have been alive.

Here is a close-up photo, from when I first found the. I snapped a picture to try and figure out what they meant.

I thought I had blogged about this earlier, but I could not find the post. Sorry if it is repetitive. So sorry if you have read this before. My apologies if you think this blog posting is repetitive.

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Rick said...

The resto guys write the numbers back on themselves after they get a new paint job. My kids have some chalk if you want to borrow some.

If mine still had the numbers I would try to keep it in place as well.

The LWB SS GMC I looked at last year had the chalk numbers as well. They were asking $200 dollars for the whole truck. The engine was missing.