Monday, May 02, 2005

The old battery box is outta here

I have made a deal to buy a battery box out of a 68 GMC that is bring converted to a drag race truck. He is removing all extra metal from the truck and relocating the battery. I am hopeful that I might score a few extra parts when I go to pick up the box. My truck is going to need another radiator support someday, it would be nice to find one soon.

I spent an hour tonight removing the side rails of the original battery box. I managed to get everything removed without breaking any of the bolts. This far, I have only broken one bolt on the truck. That was back when I removed the busted mirror head from the driver's door mirror.

After I got the side of the box out, I was able to scrape and clean a lot more rust and grime out of the engine bay. After a half hour, I lost interest and took the boy for a bike ride.

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